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The Family Rig
The Family Rig - 2000 Ford Excursion Limited powered by a common rail cummins with a built 48RE putting the power to the ground...

The common rail engine and 48RE trans was purchased before the Excursion as this swap was planned out from the beginning.  About a year of planning was necessary and I accomplished the swap in about 30 days in Fall of 07.  The Excursion started life as a V10 gas powered vehicle, but is now powered by an '04 cummins engine.

The vehicle received many upgrades during the swap to increase the power output and make for a much more reliable vehicle.  Upgrades include an II SPS 62 turbo, 3 piece exhaust manifold, MBRP stainless 4" exhaust, ARP headstuds, custom intake system with AFE filter, Glacier Diesel Power fuel system with a 2 micron fuel filter setup, Floor-It-Diesel Stage I CP3, Diprocol gauges, Goerend triple disk convertor, billet input shaft, laminate flexplate, PCS standalone trans controller/valvebody, deep tranny pan, and a Smarty...

A complete documentary of the swap from start to finish is located HERE.

Update - Excursion was sold in early 2015 and headed to the Detroit MI area.
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